Pop the Peach range by Peaches of London

Popping Tanks 

First ever 'Popping Tanks' - the underwear 'Pops' on both sides and crotch enabling the wearer to 'POP & GO' at their convenience. Simply 'POP' at crotch, great for travelling, outdoor activities, camping and festival goers.

INTER-CHANGEABLE FRONT & BACKS.  - the knickers come fully apart so you can change the front and the backs of the underwear choosing whatever designs/colours you want - just to make it even more fun when you 'POP THE PEACH'.

Also not forgetting you can change 'pop the peach' without having to take your clothes off.


Popping G-strings 

First ever 'Popping G-strings', simply 'pop' at the back of thong so the underwear will stay round your hips and the panel with lift up.......POP & GO....once you POP the Peach you won't stop!!!! Change underwear without having to take your clothes off.


Peach Competition

Has your Peach got what it takes to be the next Peach Bunny, if so enter our Peach competition judged by celebrities, the finalist will be entered into our main event at an exclusive London club...winner will win a shoot with a high fashion photographer in a top studio and get the chance to be the next Peach Bunny featured on all our PR material and website.

 Term and Conditions

  • 18 and over only
  • Must be able to attend main event 
  • Must be available for PR work

TO ENTER - simply purchase any underwear out of our popping range and send pic of you wearing the underwear, one full front and back and one close up front and bum with underwear.....finally post on our facebook and instagram page...or e-mail to us at info@popthepeach.com.

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